(…) (…) Why your website is not getting rank on search engine result page

Why your business website is not getting rank on search engine result page

Achieving the top spots of the web search engine results pages can improve your organization’s online presence, build up you as an industry expert, and convey the sort of ROI you need to see.

So for what reason isn’t your site positioning at the top of the search engine result page yet?

Your site may battle achieve the top for any number of reasons. Along these lines, if it feels like you’ve been grinding away for quite a while without getting the best outcomes, think about these potential outcomes:

You Haven’t Given It Enough Time

You should be quiet with regards to Search Engine Optimization. There’s no chance to get around it. Website design and optimization isn’t a medium-term process. Things should be done, and they should be done all together. It requires investment to explore, make, and execute a technique and start delivering content. At that point, it requires greater investment for Google to acknowledge changes have been made, and after that, you need to trust that the internet searcher will decide whether you are truly giving new esteem. At the end of the day, time is something that you can’t evade. It’s hard, however, SEO requires persistence.

The keyword is not the same for you as well as Google

That keyword is clearly significant for us. At a certain point, however, our landing page couldn’t be found for that term by any means. We didn’t do anything to the page to make it drop out of the rankings, it was simply gone one day. We had been positioning on the second page for quite a while, just ever ready to split number 10 once in a while. And afterward, it vanished. You might need to rank a specific page for a specific keyword, and regardless of all the great SEO you do, it never fully appears to break for you in light of the

fact that the word implies something other than what’s expected to you than it does to Google. Take a more critical take a gander at the main page and check whether possibly the sorts of results Google needs to demonstrate are not the same as the thoughtful you need to give.

Your Website is looking good but is it?

You’ve paid a great deal for a well-structured and exceptionally current site. Every little thing about it looks extraordinary. You look at it once a day just to welcome the plan somewhat more. For what reason doesn’t Google welcome it the manner in which you do? It’s conceivable that your structure may look extraordinary yet hasn’t represented each SEO point. There could be any number of things keeping you down, including:

Duplicate content

Insufficient content

Old, untouched, stale content

Confusing redirection

Many internal linking with the same keyword

Incomplete basics, such as meta, alt tags, and schema markup

No blog or another way to continually refresh your content

You Have Gone Unnoticed by the Search engines

Links are as yet a thing, and likely dependably will be. You need a decent arrangement of links from different sources. Some should be no-follow, some should be from great websites having high PA/DA, some should be from just normal sites. Keep purchasing backlinks is out of the plan. It’s essential to discover characteristic approaches to build great connections and maintain a strategic distance from the ones that may raise banners for Google.

Your Competition Is Doing More Than You

You’re not doing SEO in a vacuum. Website streamlining is never again a mystery system that your competitor has never known about. It’s a fundamental piece of present-day marketing, and for each link, you’re not building and each blog you’re not sharing, your opposition is. So, If you begin to figure you needn’t bother with it, or in the event that you begin to figure you’ve done what’s necessary, at that point, there is somebody working really hard to demonstrate to you how it should be finished. If you are doing a good SEO, you may begin to see a little development up to the rankings. 


When you are familiar with the SEO techniques and you want that your hard work on your website pays off then you should definitely go with the points discussed above. Having a good looking website is not enough for a business to grow, it required a lot of SEO practice and well-built website in SEO point of view.

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